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I like the music arrangement, actually. Is this from a game, or a remix?

Fantastic character design and solid animation. Music wasn't bad either. The one thing that was bugging me about it was the really heavy "Captain Planet" style vibe I was getting from it. It doesn't seem overly preachy beyond the character metaphors, but the pun attacks might be a bit much. I did like how you found a way to incorporate the nature of particular complex molecules into the attacks, though, like the shape of carotene being a long chain, and Vitamin D being activated by sunlight.

The other thing you may want to consider is the complex nature of some food. Dark Chocolate has been proven to have positive effects on heart health, as well as being healthier than mild chocolate (http://www.prevention.com/which-healthier-dark-chocolate-vs-milk-chocolate). On the other hand, you shouldn't forget that things like appleseeds have cyanide in them. Biggest thing that you really shouldn't forget is that sugar is a necessary part of energy production; yes, it is overused to the point where it can be a health hazard, but every carbohydrate is broken down into monosaccharides (best being glucose, monomer of glycogen and sucrose) for use in glycolysis, with the products being used in the Krebs cycle. You might be better using things like artificial sweeteners, which can screw with your metabolic processes even when they don't have any "toxic" side effects.

Hypergon702 responds:

Thanks for the intelligent critique. I'll tell you a secret, Chocolate's original form was Dark Chocolate... Other than that sugar attacks from the enemies are actually using high fructose corn syrup, and there is a bit of story behind that. If it's successful, I'll do the best I can to make this as less preachy as possible, it should be entertaining first and foremost. Also I think you would have to eat a ton of Apples to get cyanide poisoned.

I do like how the story is progressing through these installments, but I will say one of the things that has made you a recent favorite of mine is your musical arrangements. Props to all of your voice actors, and thank you for putting some interesting music in your stuff. Maybe you'd do well if you cleaned up the mixes and put musical segments in the Audio portal, too, eh?

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Cool game, great feel.

I actually have the game already, but for some reason it fills me with a certain measure of joy to see you put some part of it on Newgrounds. It just feels like it is part of this site, for some reason. Anyway, I've had a lot of fun playing the game- some of the upgrades are pretty creative, and there's an interesting atmosphere to it.

Why do headshots count for nothing?

Not horrible, but there isn't really much to keep me interested. No music, a lack of variety don't help. What really bugged me, though, was that you couldn't increase effectiveness or efficiency via headshots. When you don't have anything to even hide behind, it would be much better if you could at least improve your chances through quick executions, instead of just bullet quantities.

I really like this game.

Probably the only things i might add are that the temples don't seem to have their fire rates increased with the rest, and there could be a better way to level towers, seeing as the ninjas can get past all of your leveled towers and push through your relatively weak rear guard.

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Recording method actually makes it more interestin

I like this a lot. You are very good, able to play very on the piano. But the slight echo and sound change caused by your recording method actually adds to this piece, making it very stylish and ambient, which makes your title especially appropriate. Keep up the good work, and don't get too comfortable with this way of recording- you will want to put out better recordings for different pieces.

MoonlitRaven responds:

thanks for listening and for the advice!

Vocals are iffy

The song itself wasn't too bad, but the vocals are kinda bad. However, that may be just because they were recorded with a rock style in mind, and it didn't transfer well to the more poppy and bright melody of this techno.

The key points where the vocals feel short here were lack of tone and feeling.


Liked the melody and beat, but some of the sound choices made it kinda difficult for me to enjoy this.

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I like the colors, but it's a bit hard to tell what I'm looking at. Not sure if busy is the right word. Took me too long to realize there was a face looking the other way.

Fawnkel responds:

It was back when I was still using pupils that were too large, I can understand that statement.

Very Cool

Very accurate. Nice work. You don't need gore for this sort of thing- if anything, the fact that he's able to pull it back like that may indicate it happens regularly :/
Anyway, maybe if you just made the underside of the skin red, it would bring it all together really nice on that front.

Really like it!

Nice piece

Illusion of dimension is very good. The one thing that seemed a bit off to me was a part of the mouth, but it is an excellent piece with great detail. Nice job :)

rickygonza responds:

i agree with you i see what your talking about its like on the right side of the mouth it need a bit more shading but thanks for the review traintrack6.

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