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Interesting set of new emoticons. Site redesign is cool. Like the mixing of wall art, though maybe it changes more often instead of being based on where you are on the site, perhaps.

I'm-a goin' ta college! RPI!

2010-05-16 21:52:12 by traintrack6

I got accepted a while ago, but I'm just now posting this as I happened to think of it. I got accepted to RPI, and am planning to go for the fall semester. I was wondering if anyone here who goes there would happen to notice this. If so, say hi. maybe we will be able to hang out at the school.

I don't think that I told anybody, but I got a new Snowball microphone for X-mas. It sounds great, which makes me happy. Now I just have to select and download some good recording software, I suppose...

Who would be interested in doing a series on worst case scenarios? It is potentially flexible enough that we could have a mix of tragic and disturbingly funny shorts in the series. If anyone is interested, PM me please.

DJ Mossy

2009-10-31 15:50:52 by traintrack6

This guy has an insane number of audio submissions. He is actually pretty good, but he could use some exposure. Help him get the word out!

My Birthday!

2009-10-09 19:59:09 by traintrack6

Today, October 9 is my Birthday. Huzzah!... ok, whatever. now older, don't really feel any wiser. But hey, i have survived for as long as i have. can't wait to see if anything will come of it.

would anyone care to animate my voice acting entry? I don't have flash, so I would like it if anyone would be willing to do it. /268457